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Events Archive: 1998-2007

The Perspective of the Sudan Liberation Movement on the 
Conflict in Darfur


10 October 2007

Speaker: Sayyid Yahia Ahmed El-Bashir (Spokesman, Darfur’s Liberation Movement (SLM))

Professional Young Sudanese Women and Their Role in the 
Future of their Country


March 2007

Professional Young Sudanese Women and Their Role in the Future of their Country Conference, 2007

Speakers: Ms Golda Abbe (United South Sudanese) on Women’s Role in Business; Ms Azza Ahmed Abd Al-Aziz (SOAS, London University) on Bridging the Gap Between Psychiatric Sector and Social Sciences with Reference to the Internally Displaced People in Khartoum; Dr Aagba Abbas Gadah El-Dem (Khartoum University) on Sudanese Woman and her Role in Household Food Security; Dr Pamela Lomoro (New Sudan Women Advocating Change) on Young Sudanese Professional Women are Overlooked: Toward Unravelling the Greatest Untapped Source of Economic Development; Mrs Suad Elhag Musa (University of Bradford) on: Is lasting and Sustainable Peace Possible in Darfur without the Active Participation of Women?; Ms Mona Abdulla Ishaq (Research Sociologist) on How Can Immigrant Professional Women Apply their Experiences in their Own Country?; Ms Shazza Rahhal (Nuba Mountain Democratic Forum) on The Prospect of Peace and Sustainable Development in the Nuba Mountains; Ms Aisha Abdulla Homaida (Eastern Sudan) on My Compatriots the Beja: Selected Poems of Reflections from Eastern Sudan and Mrs Niama Elbagir on The Role of Women in the Future of Sudan’s Media.

Professional Young Sudanese Women and Their Role in the  Future of their Country, 2007

Conversation with Mr Al-Tayyib Salih


Speaker: Mr Al-Tayyib Salih in conversation with Dr Ahmed Al-Shahi.

November 2006

[In collaboration with Maison Française, Oxford] 

At the centre: H.E. Omer Siddig, the Sudanese Ambassador at the time.

Conversation with Mr Al-Tayyib Salih, 2006
2006 November Al-Tayyib Saleh.JPG

The Latest Political Changes in Sudan


Speaker: Mr Bona Malwal (The Sudanese Programme).

November 2005

Slavery in Sudan and its Impact on the Peace Process, 2005

Slavery in Sudan and its Impact on the Peace Process


November 2005

[In collaboration with Christian Solidarity International] 

Slavery in Sudan Conference panel, Sudanese Programme, 2005

Speakers: Mr Bona Malwal (The Sudanese Programme) on Slavery in Southern Sudan: An Overview; Dr John Eibner (Christian Solidarity International) on The International Response to Sudanese Slavery; Mr James Aguer (Chairman of Dinka Chiefs Committee) on Slavery and Slave Liberation: The Experience of a Dink Chiefs’ Committee and Dr Fethelrahman Hamouda (former Executive Director of the Sudan Human Rights Organization – Cairo) on Sudanese Slavery: A Northern Perspective.

Help or Hindrance: Mediation and Relief in Sudan’s Civil War, 1983–2004


November 2004

Speaker: Dr Richard Barltrop (Researcher and Consultant on the Two Sudans)

Prospects for Peace in Sudan: Previewing the On-going Peace Process


November 2003

Speakers: Lieutenant General (Ret.) Joseph Lagu (Former Vice-President of Sudan and Signatory of the 1972 Addis Ababa Peace Agreement) and Dr Khalid Al-Mubarak (Associate Studies Centre, Cambridge University).

South Sudan Political Consultative Conference


August 2003

South Sudan Political Consultative Conference, Sudanese Programme, 2003

This conference was held at the Oxford Hotel, Oxford. The conference was attended by southern Sudanese politicians, army commanders, academics, civil servants, churchmen and others. The aim of the conference was to discuss the Machakos Protocol and its impact on the future of southern Sudan and on south–north relations.

South Sudan Political Consultative Conference, 2003

The Prospects for Conflict Resolution in Sudan


May 2003

The Prospects for Conflict Resolution in Sudan conference delegates, Sudanese Programme, 2003

Speakers: Mawlana Abel Alier (former Vice-President of the Republic of Sudan) and Mawlana Khlafalla El-Rasheed (former Chief Justice of Sudan). Representatives of political parties as well as the Government of Sudan participated in the discussion and dialogue.

Photography by Rob Judges

Conflict Resolution, 2003

The Future of Peace Negotiations in Sudan


February 2002

The Future of Peace Negotiations in the Sudan, 2002. Dr Eugene Rogan, Dr Peter Nyot Kok, Imam Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi, Sir Marrack Golding, Professor William Beinart.

Speakers: Imam Sayyid Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi (former Prime Minister of Sudan and President of the National Umma Party) and Dr Peter Nyot Kok (an academic, a lawyer, member of the political leadership of the SPLM/SPLA and Minister of Higher Education).

The Future of Peace Negotiations in Sudan, 2002

Al-Tayyib Salih: Seventy Candles


April 1998

1998 Seventy Candles event.jpg

From left to right: Professor Avi Shlaim, St Antony's College, University of Oxford; Dr Ami Elad-Bouskila, Beit Berl College; Dr Ahmed Al-Shahi, The Sudanese Programme; Dr Mustafa Badawi, University of Oxford; and Mr Al-Tayyib Salih

The workshop was to honour the Sudanese writer, Mr Al-Tayyib Salih. A number of scholars and writers contributed to this meeting which coincided with his 70th birthday. The papers were published in 1999 and edited by Dr Ahmed Al-Shahi and Dr Ami Elad-Bouskila. Speakers included Dr Ahmed Al-Shahi (The Sudanese Programme), Some Anthropological Observations on Al-Tayyib Salih’s Writings; Dr Ami-Elad Bouskila (Beit Berl College), The Role of Titles in Al-Tayyib Salih’s Work and The Expositions in Al-Tayyib Salih’s Writing; Dr Paul Starkey (Durham University), Narrative Structure in Al-Tayyib Salih’s Mawsim al-hijra ila al-Shamal; Dr Robin Ostel (Oxford University), The Doum Tree of Wad Hamid; Style and Structure; Dr Sara Sviri (University College, London University), On Trees, Dreams, and Holy Men: Notes on al-Tayyib Salih’s “The Doum Tree of Wad Hamid”; Mr Kevin Rosser (Oxford University), Closing Remarks: al-Tayyib Salih by Mustafa Badawi (Oxford University); Dr Muhammed Khalafalla Abdalla, Mustafa’s Migration from the Sa`id: An Odyssey in Search of Identity; and Ustaz Ahmed Mohammed Badawi (Cambridge University), Season of the Migration to the North as a Turning Point in Modern Arabic Literature.




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