2022 July We are delighted to announce that Makol Bona Malwal (a Trustee of The Sudanese Programme) and Ameer Keer Bol were married on Saturday 23rd July 2022 in London. On behalf of The Sudanese Programme we wish them happiness, prosperity and a joyful life together.

2022 April The Trustees of The Sudanese Programme express their thanks and appreciation for the donation made by Mr Alex Duncan. He and his late wife, Felicity, have been supportive of the Programme's activities and objectives for many years. We are grateful for his continuing generous support.

2021 October The Trustees of The Sudanese Programme express their thanks to the School of International Development, University of East Anglia, for its contribution of £900 towards the cost of the event "The Plight of the Merowe Dam-Affected People: Stories from the Manasir" which was held on Thursday 23rd September 2021 as a ZOOM webinar.

2021 April We are grateful to Mr Alex and the late Mrs Felicity Duncan for their generous donation to The Sudanese Programme. Their much appreciated support over the years has been helpful to the Programme.

2021 April 8th It is with great sadness and regret to announce the recent death of Mrs Suhair Sharif in Khartoum, Sudan. Suhair was a pillar of the Sudanese Community in the United Kingdom and of the Umma National Party in particular. She was cheerful, friendly, helpful and generous. Suhair was a supporter, in many ways, of the Sudanese Programme since its establishment in 2002. She was a political and social activist. Suhair will be much missed by her family and her friends in the United Kingdom, Sudan and elsewhere. On behalf of the Sudanese Programme we send her husband, Ambassador Isam, and her family our deepest sympathy and our condolences. May She Rest in Peace. Al-Baraka Fikum. Our thoughts are with her family during this sad time.

2020 November It is with much sadness that we announce the death of Imam Sayyid Sadig Al-Mahdi, former Prime Minister of Sudan. He died in the United Arab Emirates following Covid-19 infection. Imam Al-Sadig was internationally recognised, a democrat and he had a long political career interrupted by periods of imprisonment.  He was a speaker at the second event of the Sudanese Programme in 2002. Subsequently he came a number of times to deliver presentations on major issues of Sudan’s political present and future performance. We are grateful for his contributions. He will be much missed by his family, by his friends and colleagues; by the Umma Party and by Sudanese and others in Africa, the Middle East, Western Europe and other countries. We send our deepest sympathy and condolences to his family. May he rest in peace. Al-Baraka Fikum.

2020 November It is with much sadness that the Sudanese Programme announces the death of Berhane Woldegabriel. Berhane came from Eretria and lived in exile in Sudan and the United Kingdom. He held a number of posts in teaching and in helping refugees.  He regularly attended events of the Sudanese Programme where he made friends and contributed to the discussion concerning a number of issues which arose in these events. He was a warm-hearted and friendly person, and he will be much missed by his family foremost and by many friends in the United Kingdom and abroad. We send his family our deepest sympathy and condolences. May he rest in peace.

2020 October With great pleasure the Trustees of The Sudanese Programme announce the election of Mr Anis George Haggar to a life-long Senior Membership at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University. Mr Haggar is a Trustee and co-Founder (together with Ahmed Al-Shahi and Bona Malwal) of The Sudanese Programme. The College has recognised his contributions to the Programme and to the College and his philanthropy in general. We warmly congratulate him on this deserved appointment.

2020 September Canon Ian Woodward, Chair of the Salisbury-Sudans partnership writes that the Church of England Diocese of Salisbury has enjoyed and continues to enjoy a partnership link with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan. In the present Covid-19 crisis they have responded to the needs caused by the severe degradation of the economy, by providing funds for projects such as emergency feeding programmes and emergency hygiene programme; providing PPE materials and water dispensers. Some £80,000 (UK Pound) has been raised from the Churches in the Diocese of Salisbury and beyond and goes towards those who most in need: this money is being shared equally between Sudan and South Sudan. The Sudanese Programme congratulates the Diocese of Salisbury on its admirable commitment to the needy people.

2020 June It is with sadness that we announce the death of Felicity Duncan who with her husband, Alex, have been supporters and generous benefactors of the Sudanese Programme over the years. We send Alex and the Family our deepest sympathy and condolences. May She Rest in Peace.

Mohamed ElAnsari book jacket1.JPG
Mohamed ElAnsari book jacket.JPG

2019  We are pleased to announce that Dr Mohamed El-Ansari, one of The Sudanese Programme's community members, has published a book:

El-Ansari, M. (2019) University Social Responsibility in Transnational Higher Education: The Case of International Branch Campuses. Access Press UK.

2019  We are grateful for the recent contributions made by Mr Alex and Mrs Felicity Duncan; Mr Anis Haggar (a Trustee of The Sudanese Programme) and Dr Ahmed Elias.

2019 Dr Ahmed Al-Shahi (a Trustee of The Sudanese Programme) was presented with a certificate of appreciation by the Sudanese Nubian Association UK for his longstanding work on the Sudan and The Sudanese Programme. This took place during the Association's festival held in London in December 2019.

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